Monday, May 5, 2008

A thought about water

Water should just be part of the bounty and provision that God has provided for His creation but I to have found it to be a challenge. I think that some think that clean, pure water is just a problem in developing nations but here in the US it is also a problem. Our water is contaminated by the addition of fluoride and chlorine, and of course all the chemicals that farming and industry have dumped into our environment for good measure. I live in the city so am pretty much stuck with what comes out of the faucet. The best solution to this is to go downtown to a purified water machine and get my water by the gallon using gallon water containers that I have saved. This machine has two filters and reverse osmoses systems to get the junk out of my water. Maybe it is not the perfect solution because the water does not have a correct electrical charge but it is the best solution I have come up with. This is my choice but I don’t believe it should be this way. Fluoride and chlorine both have negative effects but they are added without my permission for my own “good”. Gee what would I do without the government making those choices for me? After all maybe I am just too stupid to make my own decisions on the matter.
I have decided to start moderating my comments, not so much because I want to control everyone’s opinions but so that I can keep track of responses on my previous posts. I don’t want to miss any so that I can dialog with all of you.


MARYYX said...

Hi again Rosemary
I wasn't questioning you about the rice in a "checking up on you" fashion - I was just curious. I guess I had misunderstood, as I thought you were juice feasting.

Of course 1/2 cup of rice isn't going to hurt you. Don't fret. I was just curious.

As to the water, it is pretty amazing all the chemicals and such, isn't it. I do what I can, and then try to relax - as I know the hormones caused by stress can be pretty harmful as well.

God bless

Rosemary said...

Hi maryyx,
It was good to hear from you again. I hope that your juice feasting is going well. You are right about not fretting about too much if you can help it. That tension sure doesn't do a body good.

BB-Idaho said...

'Natural water' is difficult to define. Depending on source, eg. well, spring, brook, etc, there will be any number of minor 'contaminants'. Rain water approaches distilled or deionized water in purity, but is often contaminated by the container used to collect it. Typically
iron, calcium and magnesium compounds. (these are what contribute to 'hardness' There is natural floride in waters as well; that is how dentists discovered it's efficacy in cavity prevention.
And it is true floride can cause other problems. Conventional thinking is that 1ppm provides the first, without the problems of the secone. As a retired chemist, I regard these trace chemicals of minor concern; microgorganisms, on the other hand, thrive in some sources of 'natural water' hence the treatment by municipalities
with chlorine. Even in and especially with swimming pools, hot tubs and the like. It is a wonder that the human body has so many built-in defenses that allow us to drink and eat 'stuff' from a variety of sources. BTW, I agree that tension and worry affect our health: after I retired, I gave up drinking a pint of Maalox a week!
Heartburn over work-related stuff,
insomnia, constant tension..causes us to make our very own 'bad chemicals' and Maryyx are right on that! What is 'juice feasting'? I'm not up on that..

Rosemary said...

Hi bb,
I won’t even touch the issue of the chemicals as I think that trying to persuade you of the dangers of chemicals would be akin to convincing an Amish farmer to use roundup. It would be a total waste of effort. I will however respond to you question about juice feasting. Some people use water fasting as a way to heal and cleanse the body of toxins. Recently people have use copious amounts of fruit and vegetable juices to get the same results without the problem of feeling so deprived and also maybe also benefit from the nutrients in the raw juices. Some of the juices are made in a high speed Vita Mix and others are made in conventional juicers. It seems to work well for weight loss and cleansing for those who have committed to it.
Thank you for your comment.

Lista said...

Wow Girl!
Look at you go! You're getting some traffic.

Maryyx said,
"The hormones caused by stress can be pretty harmful as well."

Isn't that the truth? Sometimes we stress so much over what we should and shouldn't eat for the sake of our health, that we end up hurting our health in our fretting about it.

Don't be intimidated by the chemical knowledge of BB-Idaho, Rosemary. He puts up with me when I'm ignorant, or should I say just too lazy to look that one up right now, so don't worry about him. Besides if he gets out of hand, I'll just smack him around a little, for you. lol.

Hi BB,
I see you're getting around. I guess what you're saying is that the micro-organisms in water are worse than the chlorine that is used to kill them.

In defense of Rosemary, I think that some people's bodies are sensitive to things that a lot of other people are not quite as bothered by. That is why sometimes people with various different health problems sometimes benefit from radical diet changes that go way beyond what the rest of us are willing to do, but what I always say is that if it makes you feel better, girl, than by all means do it, and do it to the full extend that you need to for your health.