Monday, August 18, 2008

Finally a post and a video.

MMMm... I don't know what is going on here but it used to be that you could embed a video on your blog but I guess that is not happening now so I am going to give you this link to my youtube blog for this post. It is,
I have not posted for awhile because I guess I have just been too busy. The last few days I have been drying tomatoes because the paste type tomatoes are just now hitting farmers market in quantity. I have been enjoying the summers bounty with lots of salads made with heirloom tomatoes, Chinese cucumbers, red bell peppers, onions and greens. I plan on greatly enjoying the summer produce until hopefully this late fall I will be ready for more of the root type veggies. I wish I could have this variety all year but that is just not how nature works now sense the fall so I am determined to make the best of it.
The time has finally come and I ordered my high speed blender. The thoughts of green smoothies everyday, raw nut butters and seed cheeses are just dancing around in my head. I had made up my mind to get a Waring Xtream but that morning I was going to order I got an email from Nomi Shannon saying that she had some Blend-tek blenders for 100 dollars off so I ordered one of those. I think that I will be very happy with it. I am also looking forward to saving money by making my own raw nut butters and tahini. I hope the next post will not be as long coming as this one and may all of you be blessed.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Cost of Raw Organic Food

I get many questions asked to me about the cost of a raw diet so I thought that I would just address that issue today. The cost of organic food can seem high in contrast to non-organic produce and in reality it can be about 30% more than conventionally gown produce. Also a really raw olive oil is more expensive than off the shelf cold-pressed olive oils that are in fact heated up to filter them. In this lifestyle you do have to learn about how your food is produced. Another issue is that eating real un-processed raw food is more expensive, or so it looks, because you are not buying cheap flour, corn, bad veggie oils and high fructose corn syrup or sugar.
OK, here is my big “but”. I have medical insurance that of course I pay for but my co-pays are 15.00 a visit so you can tack one of those on a month because of medication checks and also 10.00 worth of gas to get there from where I live. Add on to that prescription drugs at 15.00 for each so that was at least 60.00 a month. Also, SAD eaters tend to buy a lot of junk food and restaurant food and that can add up to even more than the medical costs. I also do not use any supplements because I believe they are actually unnatural and counter productive to health so I don’t spend the huge amount of money for these that some people do. For some reason when people estimate their food costs they seem to leave out these huge costs. I guess that they just do not see that what you eat today builds your health for tomorrow either positively or negatively and that is going to impact their bank balance.
Now let’s talk about the cost of food preparation. Both SAD eaters and raw foodists need a very sharp knife so we will not count that. I have bought a 210.00 food dehydrator because I wanted something crispy for a change once in awhile and you do need to make your own dried fruit (even raisins) because the ones in the store are not really raw. On the property I live on I have a number of fruit trees so I went for the larger model so I would have the room when harvest came in and when certain things are in season locally. I also plan on springing for a 350.00 high speed blender. Raw foodists use them because they are not really just a better blender but a whole different kitchen tool. It is like comparing a Honda to a John Deer tractor. They both have four wheels and are called a vehicle but they are used for different things. With a high speed blender you can make raw nut and seed butters (to buy them is just too pricey for many) and do a variety of raw soups and green smoothies which many raw foodists use to pleasantly take in lots of raw greens. If you look at it though in reality a range is much more expensive than this but it can be an issue for people because usually people already own a range. If you do buy the dehydrator and high speed blender and don’t stick with this lifestyle you will find that they have a good resale value unlike some things.
To sum it up, with the saving I enjoy not spending my money on medical issues, junk snack foods and restaurants; I think I am way ahead on the food purchases for my lifestyle. As far as the kitchen equipment, you can do the math, it is much less expensive and I won’t even add the power issue.

Here is a few sites that could be helpful to you raw food newbies.
Here is a place to get some rawsome organic really raw olive oil (cold pressed is heated for filtering).

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Don't Hurt Yourselves!

I have been observing something lately that is just bugging me so I though that I would get it off my chest. While watching Youtube videos I see everyday people using the dullest knives I have every seen. For example, when you place your knife on whatever you are cutting and if that knife does not grab it and just sail through with little pressure, that knife is way too dull. This is a dangerous thing to do. If I did that I know I could seriously cause a bad cut and I have seen many people have this happen. They push down hard and the knife slips and cuts them. No wonder people don’t enjoy preparing food, with cutting being such a chore and all. A sharp knife will leave your food much more attractive also. My recommendation is, pay the money and get a handy-dandy electric sharpener or go to the sportsman’s section of a large store and get a $5 hand held knife sharpener and use it often. A good chef’s knife can be up to $100 but I have seen decent one’s on sale for $10. I would rather pay $10 and get a cheap chef’s knife and sharpen often, than have an expensive knife that is never sharpened. Oh, and never fall for the serrated “never needs sharpening” knives that I have seen on TV. Serrated edged knives are for meat, never veggies or fruit and they do not stay sharpened. I actually saw someone trying to use a steak knife to cut a carrot (it was painful to watch). I was appalled and had to speak up! With a sharp knife and a meditative spirit, all that cutting can actually be therapeutic.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Food Drying Bliss and Gratitude

Tuesday was an exciting day, my dehydrator came! I ordered it on Friday night and by Tues it had already gotten here.It turns out the factory is in Sacramento and it must have been dropped shipped from there. I got the nine tray Excalibur and because I ordered it from it came with 9 teflex sheets which I knew I would need. I cannot praise them more highly because when I had a question they got right back to me and they were very helpful.
Tuesday afternoon I got some raw buckwheat groats out and started them sprouting in my $1.25 nylon paint straining bags (it sure beats the $9.00 ones that are sold as nut milk bag). It takes about two days to fully sprout buckwheat so while I waited for that to happen I soaked some different seeds and on Wed I made some seed crackers. It takes about 24 hours for the crackers to dry thoroughly and I was so happy when they were finished. I used fennel seed, celtic sea salt, and onion to flavor them and they were really yummy. Yesterday I used 4 cups of fresh corn and the sprouted buckwheat to make some chili-lime corn chips. That turned out well too. I also made some chili-lime, and wasabi flavored almonds that turned out nice. I figured out how to process the sprouted buckwheat to make the flavoring stay on the nuts and I think I am on to something. I plan to post the recipe on when I get a hold of a digital camera. You can see I am getting a little crazy with the dehydrator but what can I say but that it is my new toy. I am sure that I will not be snacking so much on this stuff after awhile so right now I am just having a good time with it. You will find that after your body gets detoxed some that you tend to be able to eat much more intuitively. All the raw foodists I talk to say the same thing. Once in a while I really want avocados but then it seems like I get it out of my system and start wanting something else. I used to eat fruit every morning but now I eat what I am hungry for, and at night sometimes after I have had richer food during the day, I just want some fruit for dinner so I just sort of go with it. One thing I do hold myself to though is that I never eat melon with any other food because it just kills me. Others experience that too. I do appreciate my hubby for sacrificing to get my dehydrator. For a carnivore, he is very supportive because he knows that it makes me well.
I have been researching buckwheat and I have come to the conclusion that in it’s sprouted form it is the perfect grain for me ( although it is a fruit in the rubarb family). It has 18 % protein and it is a complete protein form so it helps out other proteins you have eaten in the last day be 100% usable also. It is fast to sprout but must be rinsed very well at least 3 times a day. Whirled up in the food processor it makes a smooth textured batter like thing that can be used to make the base for cookies and crackers. You can also dry the sprouted buckwheat to make “buckwheaties”. They can be eaten for breakfast with nut milk and fruit for a very filling breakfast type thing. And, like I mentioned above, I can use them to do a coating on nuts. I bet in the future I am going to figure out many more uses for it. After sprouting it does not have a “raw flour” taste either. I think that many people when they first hear about raw food that you are just forcing yourself to eat all sorts of unpalatable raw stuff. I heard a story about a girl that was invited to a raw potluck and she brought a bowl of raw cake batter mixed up. She was embarrassed but I am sure they understood.
My hubby brought home yesterday some fresh local figs, about 3 pounds worth. I had advertised on craigslist my need for organic produce and listed some of my talents in trade. I am going to give her 8 year old some sewing lessons in exchange for more in the future. That will be fun as I really like to teach the next generation life skills. I have to get the figs in the dehydrator and I can’t wait till they are done. You can use figs instead of raisons if you cut them up small so they are going to work out great for me.
Thinking back yesterday, sort of doing an inventory of where I am at, I came to the conclusion that I am very happy to be doing this and plan to do it for life. I am never hungry at all, I no longer have a love-hate relationship with food, I actually feel much better about eating in general, I don’t struggle with weight anymore, and as I observe people around me I believe that I enjoy the taste and experience of food so much more than they do. I am so grateful to the Lord for leading me here.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Organic or not organic, that is a question.

This is a post about why I don’t eat totally local and organic. I am committed to eating local as much as possible but my farmers market has many sellers that are conventional growers too and it seems like the organic produce is pretty scarce there. I don’t like to buy from these local conventional growers because even though it is fresher they have no one to be accountable to as far as their pesticide use. At least large veggie farmers are tested and hopefully a little more cautious in this area because there own bottom line is at stake. I know many home gardeners that never found a pesticide and herbicide they did not like and dumped them on at whim. What it boils down to is that I am just afraid to buy from these growers. I will buy from those who say they grow organically locally, if I can at all afford it (even though they are not certified because of hassle and cost). I do try to ask some questions though about their methods and if I don’t like the answer I move on. I have also stopped buying strawberries and other berries because I know these are heavily sprayed crops. Once in a while I will get organic ones but this is very rare.
I would love to be able to go to the store and buy all organic produce but because of the cost, if I did that I would not eat much and end up going back to SAD (Standard American Diet). I know that it is not the best but I believe it is much better than eating the SAD. Sometimes people have to make measured choices about what is best, sorta best, and really not good. I am not writing these posts to complain but to maybe help people navigate these issues better.
Unfortunately I will have no apples, cherries or plums on my trees this year. I planned on drying some with the dehydrator that hopefully I am getting in a week or so but looks like that is not going to happen because they all froze. Oh well, I can hope for next year as hopefully we will not have a weird late hard freeze like we did this year. I do have a large patch of blackberries that are blooming so if I get to them before the local foragers do, I will eat some fresh and dry some. YUM!
I am so looking forward to getting that dehydrator though. Thoughts of sprouted seed crackers made with all kind of flavor combinations keep dancing around in my mind. I really can’t wait. I want something dry and crunchy now!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Doctor's Visit About Raw Food

Last Friday I went to the “Oh so dreaded” doctor’s appointment. I broke the news to him gently that I was not on any med now other than my hormone (because I have had an hysterectomy) and waited for his reaction. He was a little skeptical I think, about the whole diet thing but he took my blood pressure, blood sugar and then weighted me and we talked a little more about how I got there. My blood pressure is in the normal range, just a little higher in the normal range, and my blood sugar was normal. My weight was down 45 pounds from my visit about 6 months ago. My doctor is a Seventh Day Adventist so I think that he is a little more aware of lifestyles impact on health. He was also interested in the fact that I needed no psyche meds or pain meds. I was surprised too that he had never heard of the raw food approach. He generally just gave me the thumbs up so that was a big relief.
I went to the hardware store today and picked up my “monster tool”. It is a pick thing that has a flat head on the other side. I have not been able to do any gardening because the place I am going to plant has been just grass and weeds for a very long time. I knew that it was going to take a big tool to get through it. The price was ridicules but I plan on keeping this tool the rest of my life. I figure if I just dig on hole a day, in a week I would have gotten in seven plants. I am going to mulch on top of newspaper around them later when I can get some mulch. I thought that I could get free mulch but after checking around I found out that was not going to happen. The local green-waste place is now sending it to a worm farm so I have to buy it from them at $20.00 for a cubic yard. It will be chopped so I don’t think I will have to lay it down really thick. I am thankful though that I have a pickup so that I can pick it up as I go along. I am a little late getting my plants in but I think that is going to be fine. I am planning on getting a dehydrator so that I can dry some of these tomatoes. Some of the ones I planted are the San Marzano kind which is supposed to be a yummy paste tomato for drying. It is the one they dry in Italy. When I get my mulch on I also plan to plant some greens including some kale for winter use. Some of the pepper seed that are also an Italian variety came up so I plan on getting them in as well as a few plants from a nursery. Thinking about the dehydrator, I tasted some raw crackers from the natural food store that were so delicious. They were made from sprouted seeds that were left in their whole form. They had sesame, flax and sunflower seeds plus a little onion and spice. I better get a dehydrator because at five bucks for two servings I just cannot buy them. So anyway, can’t wait to start churning those things out but I am going to add pumpkin seeds to mine, as for some reason, I am really into pumpkin seeds.
I do encourage all of my readers to go to the site for some great recipes and support for raw-fooders. I am on that site almost every day in anticipation for new recipes being posted and also for the forum activity.

Monday, May 5, 2008

A thought about water

Water should just be part of the bounty and provision that God has provided for His creation but I to have found it to be a challenge. I think that some think that clean, pure water is just a problem in developing nations but here in the US it is also a problem. Our water is contaminated by the addition of fluoride and chlorine, and of course all the chemicals that farming and industry have dumped into our environment for good measure. I live in the city so am pretty much stuck with what comes out of the faucet. The best solution to this is to go downtown to a purified water machine and get my water by the gallon using gallon water containers that I have saved. This machine has two filters and reverse osmoses systems to get the junk out of my water. Maybe it is not the perfect solution because the water does not have a correct electrical charge but it is the best solution I have come up with. This is my choice but I don’t believe it should be this way. Fluoride and chlorine both have negative effects but they are added without my permission for my own “good”. Gee what would I do without the government making those choices for me? After all maybe I am just too stupid to make my own decisions on the matter.
I have decided to start moderating my comments, not so much because I want to control everyone’s opinions but so that I can keep track of responses on my previous posts. I don’t want to miss any so that I can dialog with all of you.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

A thought on the poisening of the population.

I did not know what a tough issue this was until I started eating a raw pure food diet. Two of my “incurable” diseases were cured but the challenges of such a journey was surprising. I live in California so I have to go to farmers mrkt to buy raw almonds from the grower because you can not legally buy them in the store here. I then learned that most all the nuts in the store were heated until dead, even if they are labeled as raw. Even the shelled nuts usually heated before sale. I stopped eating all packaged food and did research on all those Frankenfood ingrediants and found out they were poisoning people with MSG, an excitotoxin that causes diabetes, depression, and other disorders. MSG has over thirty names and can even be on the label as “spices” or “natural flavorings”. I also learned that the chemical in white flour that makes it white is used to induce diabetes in animals. This is a crime against our temples and the deception of satan to kill God’s creation. I try to tell people about this and they just look at me like I am crazy while they chow down on there processed food. I am angry. I am angry at our government for allowing greed to run their policy decisions. I am also angry at the individuals that are profiting on the poisoning of our people. Don’t I have the right to know what is in my food such as genetically modified organisms, chemicals and drugs? Maybe that is the point here. In this country we may think we have rights but it seems to me in a lot of cases, this is just an illusion.
What am I doing about my anger? Well, I am voting with my dollars by purchasing mostly fresh organic foods from local producers whenever possible, using pure “real” soap without chemicals added, and drinking pure water (believe me, that is another topic). I have to pay more for these choices than the person who does not care and I am a lower income person but I count it as doing what is right unto the Lord. I could eat better if I was a little more well-off but I do the best I can in the place that I live. I do eat 99% raw and would like to eat 100% organic but to run out of food and fast because of lack instead of for the Lord makes it very hard, at least for me.
I do hope that maybe this post will make you think on this issue every time you have a food choice in front of you.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Passover and the tomato sorrows!

יום פסח I hope you are all having a blessed Passover week. I am going tonight to a Seder at Harei Yeshua but I do have to bring my own food. But Passover is not really about the food. It is about how we were redeemed from sin by the blood of the Lamb (Yeshua). When we drink the wine (His blood) and partake of the matzo (His bruised body). We are redeemed from the curse of the law. It will be a wonderful time with my brothers and sisters in Yeshua, as we share together what He has done for us.
Well there was just a small little damper on the day. This morning I went out on the deck and discovered that my large tomato plants had frozen and were toast. It is strange though that the small plants coming up did not seem to be effected. Oh well, that is what I get for rushing the season and not taking my plants inside on a cold night. You cannot fight or trick nature.
My raw food journey is still going very well. I had to do some clothes shopping yesterday and I have went down two sizes, and I know that I will reach the proper weight. I did not go into this trying to lose weight but instead it was to get healthy. At this time I can say that I have gotten both. It is amazing to me that all those times I have tried all of the different diets that did not work, that all along it was just as simple as eating what Elohim created me to eat. It just goes to show that His ways are always true and streight are His paths. Thank you Adoni for your Word and Your wisdom.
Shalom till my next post.

Friday, April 11, 2008

A More Complete Story

Hi Everybody!
As you can see on my headline I have more than a few interests. I live in Far Northern California in the mountains with my husband of over 30 years and my two dogs. I have three adult children and 3 grandchildren who also live in the area. I am head over heals in love with Jesus because he saved me from a life in darkness and has given me the promise of eternal life with him for all eternity. He has made me find a life of love and peace in a very dark world full of all kinds of evil but, He allows me daily to explore the beauty of His creation.
I started raw fooding 4 months ago when I finally ended up in bed just unable to function anymore. I had taken an SSRI (antidepressant) a few years earlier and had developed bi-polar disorder and psychosis from the effect of that drug on my brain. Yes, I will talk about this because I do not want anybody else to go though the suffering that I walked. I had diabetes and high blood pressure also and was taking handfuls of medications.
As I was lying in bed, unable to do anything to help myself, I heard a voice. I don't know if it was an audible voice or if it was in my head but He said, "Do you want to live or do you want to die?" I had to think about it for a minute but I said, "I want to live." Then, I don't really know exactly how but all of a sudden I knew what to do. Eat raw food. So for the next four days that is what I did. I was then able to get up on my feet and I got on the computer and started doing some research. I ended up going to the website, and learned there were others doing this and they had gotten well. It made sense to me because I believe there really was an Adam and Eve and I was to eat what they ate. At first I ate a cup of beans for cooked food everyday for my protein. I eventually cut that out when I learned that I did not need it at all. I did not drink the Barley Max or make carrot juice because I had no money for Barley Max and was really too sick to make carrot juice even though I had a juicer. I began to get better and better. It was amazing what happened. I stopped taking my meds and it only took about 3 weeks to not have any of those problems anymore. Praise God, I am free!
I learned that there are many schools of thought on raw diets ad natural health. What I ended up listening to was the Natural Hygiene model of health (Herbert Shelton) and the writing of Gabriel Cousens MD. Some people eat way too much fruit and this will just not work for most people especially for blood sugar types. I learned how to sprout my nuts and seeds and go to farmers market and buy the freshest organic food. I make a Living Pate using sprouted nuts and seeds. The recipe and explanation of this is on my blog below.
Oh, did I forget to mention that in only three months I lost 30 pounds without trying?
I am now putting in an organic garden under mulch using permaculture principles. I am putting in heirloom tomatoes, melons, peppers and squash. I am also adding herbs here and there and also will be planting some edible flowers just to spice things up a bit and to keep the bees in the garden. I do want to add though, that I am not a complete vegan as I do use raw eggs in my salad dressing I make and I also eat sushi about once a week if I can. Mostly I am 100% raw but I guess the little bit of rice that I eat on the sushi is my vice. The seaweed salad I eat at this Asian buffet is so good and I think that it is fresh frozen but it has to be my favorite food. I can't believe it that at this place I can eat all the sushi I want plus seaweed salad for only $7.95 for weekend lunch. You can't beat a deal like that. You would spend that much going to a burger joint and eating that MSG laden Franken food.
I feel blessed to be where I am at right now. It has not been an easy journey for me as I was always one of those people that generally tried to stand strong against the world but I was just about defeated. God picked me up and showed me how to live and I am so grateful to Him for delivering me from more suffering. Just a thought to those who would read this. Pharmacuitical medications are poisons. They may mask symptoms but they do not cure disease. Only the body, the way God created it, without the poisons that we introduce into it (meds, food, etc.), can cure disease. Think long and hard before you put that thing in your mouth and subject your body to it. There is a better way, if you commit to it.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Why is the Moon on my blog page?

Here is a little bit about why I acknowledge the new moon every month. As we have went out of the darkness into light by the grace of Yeshua, so I look at the moon and pray that all my ways can follow that path. When I see that first sliver of the new moon each month I praise Yeshua for His wonderful gift to the World, and to me.

The system of keeping time in the Old Testament was based on the cycles of the moon rather than a solar calendar like we use today. In fact, the Hebrew term for "month," chodesh, means "new [moon]," referring to the new moon that began the month. The lunar cycle played a significant role in the cultural and religious life in ancient Israel so that time could be counted by the cycles of the moon (Ex. 19:1). The New Moon was a festival day, observed by burnt offering and sacrifices as well as banquets (Num 29:6, 1 Sam 20:5, 1 Chron 23:31). The New Moon festival was often listed along with Sabbath as an important religious observance (2 Kings 4:23, Ezek 45:17). Like Sabbath and other rituals, it also came to symbolize empty and self-centered religion when not accompanied by faithfulness to God in other areas (Isa. 1:14, Amos 8:5). Likewise, the middle of the month or the Full Moon was an important marker of the passing of time. Two of Israel’s most important festivals fell in mid-month (Passover, Tabernacles; cf. Psa 81:3).

I hope that all will use this feature for a praise to the Lord.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Raw Meaty Bones and Raw Nuts

Wow, this is the second post today but I have more to say!
About the recipe I posted, Raw nuts are not an easy thing to find nowadays. In the stores you will see many bins of nuts claiming to be raw. In fact most of them are not. They are either pasteurized, or fumigated with cancer causing chemicals, which is the law for almonds in California. As for most all of them, they have been heated to aid in cracking, making them dead un-sproutable food. It is deceptive but the governments definition of "raw" is that they are not "roasted". Convenient for the sellers isn't it? Well you may say, " I will buy them in the shell and crack my own." That is an idea but it does not mean that they have not been heated to control all those "pests". The only way you can truly get around it is to know the farmer and buy them directly after knowing their history. There is a few raw web sites where they are privy to this info but their prices are just out of my reach (not that I would not pay it if I had it). So I do the best I can with my local source and if you don't have a local source you may have to mail order them at that cost. This is why I give the option of using more pumpkin seeds in this recipe (you can usually get raw pumpkin and other seeds at your local health food store, and you also could, instead of the almonds, use a different nut. They are all pretty good. Oh, and I will add to this that there is no such thing as a "raw cashew" that I know of. Cashews are a soft gelatinous nut (seed?) growing on the outside of an apple like thing. The cashew itself has a coating on it that is poisonous and they have to be boiled to remove this then poisonous membrane and make the nut firm. They use the actual fruit part to make an alcohol product for locals. I have seen on a raw site them advertised as really "raw" and shelled by hand but I am a little skeptical of this and if it is true and they are super expensive. I feel sorry for those workers and would not buy for that reason alone. So even though they taste good maybe we should just, "Get over them!"
Penny got her first raw whole fish today. Yes, that may seem weird but here is why. She was having pain every time she ate commercial dog food. I did some research and started her on a raw diet two months ago. She has been eating antelope and elk and some ground beef, (my husband is a hunter so I have saved the "trim" scraps). I found this web site that was good info on how to feed your dog and the importance of bones for the teeth and body. I was really concerned at first but I have came to the conclusion that my dog is in more danger from bloat from commercial feeding and poor health from cooked food, than she would be from raw meaty bones. So my hubby went fishing yesterday so I gave her a half of a smaller trout. It was really funny. I took her outside and she sort of just mouthed it a little and left it alone. I then took her inside and I put down a towel on the sofa and she ate it where she usually eats. As she was working on it, tail first for some reason, she growled at my big dog over it so I know that she was enjoying her meal. So, so far so good.
I hope I have not ruined your day over the raw nut thing but we have to be aware of what we are buying and putting into our bodies. This is also true for the pasteurized food in the store. That means "cooked" folks, sorry. If you want to know, "why raw" and "what's so bad about cooked food", just respond to this post.

Louie to be missed and a good recipe for live pate.

Hi again,
I am here again and am going to try to post more often. I got a little side-tracked yesterday because my son's dog Louie died yesterday at the age of 12. He was a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and that breed usually only lives about 10 years, so I think he did pretty well. All day we tried to get him to come in the house and he would not so that night he passed alone, like he chose to do. We will miss him.
On a better note, here is a Recipe that I make for a nut and seed pate that is really yummy. Like I said, if you are in California and cannot score any organic live almonds you could just sub more pumpkin seeds for them. I do live in California and buy my almonds at farmers market from the grower, which is legal still. It sure is nice out government is looking out for us and all with new bazaar rules and regulations. It may get to the point that to get pure food we are going to have to act like illegal drug users to stay health. God help us. Please support your local organic growers by going to farmers market or buy direct from the farmer. This is not always possible for everything but maybe we should make the effort to do what we can.
For those who are wanting healing for diabetes there is a series of videos on Youtube on the subject by Gabriel Cousens MD. All you have to do is do a search on Youtube and you will find his lectures on that and other stuff. There is a lot of conflicting info and ideas out there that could really de-rail a newcomer but I think that he has the research to back up his claim. His 21 day program to heal diabetes has proved itself effective. I have taken his advice about not eating very much sweet fruit and eating as much "living" food as possible. This includes sprouts and soaked nuts and seeds.
Here is the recipe for my pate. I got the original idea from the book Living in the Raw, Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle by Rose Lee Calabro. I changed it so much I call it my own but it has the basic health principles intact. I eat this about everyday but am working on a southwest version to make life a little bit more interesting.

Rosemary’s Really Good Live Pate

½ cup raw almonds (put out to soak night before must soak at least 12 hours)
½ cup raw sunflower seeds (put out to soak that morning must soak 6-8 hours)
½ cup raw pumpkin seeds (put out to soak in the morning)
¼ cup raw sesame seeds (put out to soak in the morning

Drain above ing and then put together these ing.

½ red or green sweet pepper
1 good slice of onion (about ½ inch thick)
1 handful of fresh parley (optional but nice if you have it)
1 T lemon juice or vinegar
½ t sea salt
1 T kelp powder
Process these ing in a food processor till well ground but not a “paste.” If you are using a blender be sure that you do not over process.

Add to this,
2 stalks of celery chopped very fine.
I cut mine up in small pieces and just run a few times in my food processor but if you are using a blender I would do this by hand as it gives the pate a little texture and interest.

You can serve this in a half of a sweet pepper cut lengthwise and de-seeded (don’t pile high just spread about ¾ inches thick as it is very rich food). I have also used it to stuff raw mushrooms and as celery fillings for crudités.

Hope you enjoy this and please let me know how it goes.

Shalom for today,

Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday and the tomatoes are up!

I woke up this morning after a good night sleep and a dream about my tomatoes coming up. I went and looked at the mini plant starter thing I have them planted in and was happy to see that they indeed had come up. I have planted many different kinds of heirloom tomatoes that a kind man sent me seed for that I met on the net. I planted Purple Cherokee, Black Cherry, Black Krim, a white, San Marzono Paste, the world's biggest tomato Big Zac, an orange variety and many others. This is going to be a fun adventure. I made a diagram of them that I planted and plan on saving the seed from the ones that grow here well. My son Matt also got two plants in Chico. Black Russian and Green Stripey. I grew Black Russian last year and it was a great tasting tomato that grew like crazy here. I believe I am in growing zone 8b.
I am going to drag out the camera tomorrow and take some fresh pictures of me and the property. The cherry trees have just finished blooming and I am waiting for the two apple trees that I have to bloom. They are both old trees and varieties and I have no idea what variety they are. They are not real sweet so they must be an old variety so as a raw fooder that is a fine thing for me. I am going to try to get an Excalibur food dehydrator to put all the extra fruits and veggies up. I cannot trust any dried food in the store not to be heated up, killing all the enzymes, vitamins and minerals so I will have to do it myself. Any other dehydrator I could possible afford will not do because of their lack of a thermostat, ease of use and a fan in the back so you don't have to rotate trays.
I did some food foraging today. I usually have stuck to dandelions and plantain but finally found a you tube course on identifying wild food and I did find a patch of chickweed. That was yummy. The dandelions and plantains were a little bitter because it is getting on in spring but I enjoyed them and find that bitter is acceptable to me now. It is funny how your tastes change when you get off all the processed frankenfoods.
We went out to a local Chinese buffet that serves sushi for Terry's birthday tonight. I love sushi and don't get to indulge often but when I do it is great. As you can tell I am not a vegan and I do eat raw fish and raw egg once in awhile. The little cooked food I do eat is the rice in the sushi but that is a very small amount as it is mostly fish and veggies and seaweed. I think the seaweed is my favorite thing. Sometimes I just chew seaweed as a snack and I used kelp as a flavoring all the time. I also feed my Rat Terrier a raw diet and put kelp on her food every day.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hi readers,
Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am new at this but thought that this would be a good forum to share my life and observations of life around me. I hope to meet a lot of people so that we can become friends.
My interests are living for my Lord Jesus, raw food, organic gardening, my dogs, and of course my family.
I am a Jewish believer in the Messiah and have been walking daily with Him for over 30 years. Everyday He, through the Holy Spirit, teaches me more and more how to love others and allow myself to love Him. I am always willing to help and share with those people who are honestly searching for a relationship with their Creator but I don't really get into just debating doctrine for the sake of proving what I know.
I have been a raw fooder now for a little time and have had wonderful results. I was laying in bed so medicated on psychiatric meds that I could no longer function. I was taking so many after just starting out with one SSRI but ended up taking handfuls at a time because of the bi-polar disorder and psychosis that developed from the first med. I heard a voice tell me (I do not know if it was audible or not), "Do you want to live or do you want to die." I had to give that some thought but I said, "I chose life." Then, being so messed up I am not sure what happened, all of a sudden, I knew what to eat. Raw food. I did this and in just a few days I was up on my feet. I did find the website, after that and just ate a cup of cooked beans a day and everything else was raw fruits and veggies. After about two weeks I cut out the cup of beans as I learned I did not need that. Well, in three months I have lost over thirty pounds and no longer have diabetes and high blood pressure. I do take a hormone as I have no ovaries so I must do that but I take no other medications.
My organic gardening journey is just in it's infancy. I have a lot of experience growing things as I grew up working in the family "seed to sale" nursery business but am new to the total organic thing. Last year I tried out a heirloom tomato plant and some herbs and it went very well. This year I am planning on growing a bunch of tomatoes to eat raw and dry for future use. I also am going to put in three different types of melons, zucchini and some peppers. One of the melon varieties I am going to plant is a very small variety from Taiwan so I am excited about that. I do have to do all of this on the cheap though because in all those sick years I could never work so I am kind of in the poor house right now, but I will see what I can do. I am going to do all this under mulch the Ruth Stout way as I know that is the only way to go to save water and work. I will keep you all posted on my progress on this project.
As for my dogs, I share my home with a Toy Rat Terrier by the name of Penny and also with a Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Cody. I have had Penny sense puppy hood but Cody actually adopted me so there ya go. I love my dogs, who are spoiled rotten and they love me.
Last but not least is my family. I live with my husband Terry and I have three beautiful grown children and three grandchildren.
Well, I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope to post often as I walk this journey.