Saturday, May 3, 2008

A thought on the poisening of the population.

I did not know what a tough issue this was until I started eating a raw pure food diet. Two of my “incurable” diseases were cured but the challenges of such a journey was surprising. I live in California so I have to go to farmers mrkt to buy raw almonds from the grower because you can not legally buy them in the store here. I then learned that most all the nuts in the store were heated until dead, even if they are labeled as raw. Even the shelled nuts usually heated before sale. I stopped eating all packaged food and did research on all those Frankenfood ingrediants and found out they were poisoning people with MSG, an excitotoxin that causes diabetes, depression, and other disorders. MSG has over thirty names and can even be on the label as “spices” or “natural flavorings”. I also learned that the chemical in white flour that makes it white is used to induce diabetes in animals. This is a crime against our temples and the deception of satan to kill God’s creation. I try to tell people about this and they just look at me like I am crazy while they chow down on there processed food. I am angry. I am angry at our government for allowing greed to run their policy decisions. I am also angry at the individuals that are profiting on the poisoning of our people. Don’t I have the right to know what is in my food such as genetically modified organisms, chemicals and drugs? Maybe that is the point here. In this country we may think we have rights but it seems to me in a lot of cases, this is just an illusion.
What am I doing about my anger? Well, I am voting with my dollars by purchasing mostly fresh organic foods from local producers whenever possible, using pure “real” soap without chemicals added, and drinking pure water (believe me, that is another topic). I have to pay more for these choices than the person who does not care and I am a lower income person but I count it as doing what is right unto the Lord. I could eat better if I was a little more well-off but I do the best I can in the place that I live. I do eat 99% raw and would like to eat 100% organic but to run out of food and fast because of lack instead of for the Lord makes it very hard, at least for me.
I do hope that maybe this post will make you think on this issue every time you have a food choice in front of you.


BB-Idaho said...

I agree that our foods contain a lot of additives. The glutamate portion of MSG (eg when it dissolves there is sodium and glutamic acid) is a fairly common
amino acid. It can be produced by human physiology and plays a role
in neural and muscle function. Your
post sent me to read up here: and here: It appears that, like many natural (or artificial) amino acids and proteins, glutamic acid's role
in human physiology can get out of
sync and lead to health problems.
It is odd that for as much as it is used as an additive, the metabolic fate (eg, is it broken down during it passed on in the circulatory system?) remains relatively unstudied. Now, personally, I am a poor example, unable to drive by any fastfood place without loading up, but just celebrated my 67th birthday without any major health
problems. But your raw food 'experiment' sounds like it is working well for you: a real challenge to search, find and prepare as well as maintain a balance. I will follow with interest (hey, not giving up MY
unhealthy eating!) and empathy.
Sounds like so far - so good.

Rosemary said...

Hi bb-idaho,
Thanks for your post. If you are interested in this subject you can go to, This is Dr. Blaylock’s response to this toxin. He is one of our most respected neuroscientists and researchers on the brain. It is not only the brain that these toxins affect but also other organs of the body. If you go to the governments responses you will learn that they say they do not know the effects but that is not true at all. They are just supporting their policies on the issue by keeping to that view. Aspartame is another very potent exitotoxin. All of these contribute or may even cause Alzheimer’s, diabetes and many other chronic conditions that are epidemic in modern civilized countries. China has begun to eat the western diet and they are now beginning to have the same problems. At your age I would be worried about this but that is up to you.
I am not against the free market but I am demanding that I be told truthfully about what I put into my mouth. If something is sold as “raw”, I expect it to not be heated, not just non-roasted. That is a deception. So is the MSG labeling on food products. This is important because heating anything over 117 degrees kills all the enzymes in the food and most of the vitamins and minerals. Minerals are made non-organic by heating and are not absorbed in the body. That is why vitamins are not the answer. It would be great if people could eat anything they want and take a vitamin but it really does not work that way.
You should have the right to eat anything you want bb. I am all for fighting for those rights but I should also have the right to be told the truth about what I chose to eat too. Thank you for your encouragment and I hope that you stay in health.

MARYYX said...

Hi Rosemary
My comment is in regard to a post you left me - as I knew no other way to contact you.

In regard to the CPAP machine - I don't expect that my sleep apnea is going to be resolved until I am near a normal weight - because my apnea is primarily caused by obstruction of the air passages, and this is related to weight. When they did my sleep study, I stopped breathing 200+ times during the night and the vast majority of those were due to obstruction, i.e. fat in the way of the air. The rest were due to my brain not giving my body the message to breathe. THOSE were the ones that were really scary to me.

I remember that I was snoring pretty bad even when I weighed 160, and that was a LONG time ago. So, I figure I will have to be down to at least 150 if I want to be able to sleep without my machine. When I get down to 200, I may have a new sleep study done to see if the pressure can be reduced. If you have insurance, and there is reason for a new study to be done - the insurance should cover it.

Out of curiosity, what was the reason to eat the 1/2 cup of rice a week while you were juice feasting?

As to the incident at church - I am not majorly bummed out - I am keeping it in perspective - and I actually have a great deal of respect for the man involved - it was quite out of character for him to make the comments he did. For it to happen 4 times in one class is what kind of got to me. I am also a long term Christian and though affected by the incident am not angry. Just trying to put things in perspective.

Have a great day