Sunday, April 20, 2008

Passover and the tomato sorrows!

יום פסח I hope you are all having a blessed Passover week. I am going tonight to a Seder at Harei Yeshua but I do have to bring my own food. But Passover is not really about the food. It is about how we were redeemed from sin by the blood of the Lamb (Yeshua). When we drink the wine (His blood) and partake of the matzo (His bruised body). We are redeemed from the curse of the law. It will be a wonderful time with my brothers and sisters in Yeshua, as we share together what He has done for us.
Well there was just a small little damper on the day. This morning I went out on the deck and discovered that my large tomato plants had frozen and were toast. It is strange though that the small plants coming up did not seem to be effected. Oh well, that is what I get for rushing the season and not taking my plants inside on a cold night. You cannot fight or trick nature.
My raw food journey is still going very well. I had to do some clothes shopping yesterday and I have went down two sizes, and I know that I will reach the proper weight. I did not go into this trying to lose weight but instead it was to get healthy. At this time I can say that I have gotten both. It is amazing to me that all those times I have tried all of the different diets that did not work, that all along it was just as simple as eating what Elohim created me to eat. It just goes to show that His ways are always true and streight are His paths. Thank you Adoni for your Word and Your wisdom.
Shalom till my next post.

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Lista said...

Sorry to hear about your tomatoes, Rosemary. That's too bad.