Sunday, April 6, 2008

Raw Meaty Bones and Raw Nuts

Wow, this is the second post today but I have more to say!
About the recipe I posted, Raw nuts are not an easy thing to find nowadays. In the stores you will see many bins of nuts claiming to be raw. In fact most of them are not. They are either pasteurized, or fumigated with cancer causing chemicals, which is the law for almonds in California. As for most all of them, they have been heated to aid in cracking, making them dead un-sproutable food. It is deceptive but the governments definition of "raw" is that they are not "roasted". Convenient for the sellers isn't it? Well you may say, " I will buy them in the shell and crack my own." That is an idea but it does not mean that they have not been heated to control all those "pests". The only way you can truly get around it is to know the farmer and buy them directly after knowing their history. There is a few raw web sites where they are privy to this info but their prices are just out of my reach (not that I would not pay it if I had it). So I do the best I can with my local source and if you don't have a local source you may have to mail order them at that cost. This is why I give the option of using more pumpkin seeds in this recipe (you can usually get raw pumpkin and other seeds at your local health food store, and you also could, instead of the almonds, use a different nut. They are all pretty good. Oh, and I will add to this that there is no such thing as a "raw cashew" that I know of. Cashews are a soft gelatinous nut (seed?) growing on the outside of an apple like thing. The cashew itself has a coating on it that is poisonous and they have to be boiled to remove this then poisonous membrane and make the nut firm. They use the actual fruit part to make an alcohol product for locals. I have seen on a raw site them advertised as really "raw" and shelled by hand but I am a little skeptical of this and if it is true and they are super expensive. I feel sorry for those workers and would not buy for that reason alone. So even though they taste good maybe we should just, "Get over them!"
Penny got her first raw whole fish today. Yes, that may seem weird but here is why. She was having pain every time she ate commercial dog food. I did some research and started her on a raw diet two months ago. She has been eating antelope and elk and some ground beef, (my husband is a hunter so I have saved the "trim" scraps). I found this web site that was good info on how to feed your dog and the importance of bones for the teeth and body. I was really concerned at first but I have came to the conclusion that my dog is in more danger from bloat from commercial feeding and poor health from cooked food, than she would be from raw meaty bones. So my hubby went fishing yesterday so I gave her a half of a smaller trout. It was really funny. I took her outside and she sort of just mouthed it a little and left it alone. I then took her inside and I put down a towel on the sofa and she ate it where she usually eats. As she was working on it, tail first for some reason, she growled at my big dog over it so I know that she was enjoying her meal. So, so far so good.
I hope I have not ruined your day over the raw nut thing but we have to be aware of what we are buying and putting into our bodies. This is also true for the pasteurized food in the store. That means "cooked" folks, sorry. If you want to know, "why raw" and "what's so bad about cooked food", just respond to this post.


Lista said...

I didn't know that I was going to be responding to you again. I guess I've become one of your fans.

I'm writing because I was just wondering about the bones. It seems that fish bones are really small and dangerous. Did you remove the bones first before giving your dog that fish? Since she also ate the tail, it almost sounds like you gave her the fish whole.

Rosemary said...

Hi Lista,
I did give her the fish whole so that she would gnaw on it and not bolt it down. Raw bones are digestable but cooked bones can be dangerous. I don't know why she started at the tail, maybe she thinks she is a cat. She is feeling rather good this morning so I guess the whole thing was good for her.
Thanks for responding.

Lista said...

Interesting. The main thing that I've heard cautioned against quite often is feeding dogs chicken bones, yet can a dog also eat a rough chicken?

Also, I have a hunch that anything eaten rough like that, should probably be a fresh kill.

Rosemary said...

Hi Lista,
I agree with you that most likely the "best" thing is a fresh kill. But sense that does not happen very often hunted or store bought meat will have to do. Her next adventure will be chicken necks and then chicken wings. This is because of her size. If she was bigger I might chose chicken legs and thighs. The wings will be good but I want to train her on the chicken necks first because they have smaller bones to chew up. On the thing of freshness, it is always best. Even a veggie or fruit loses 50% of its vitamins after being picked only 30 minutes. This is why you want to get things fresh localy as possible. Your salad my have traveled over 1500 miles to get on your plate.
To me, I think we were met to eat like Adam and Eve. Grazing on what looks good at the moment. It is called "intuitive eating" and has some very good outcomes for health.

Lista said...

Hello again,

I guess hunted meat is pretty close to fresh kill, especially if you could feed the meat to your dog on the same day that the animal was shot. Does your husband hunt duck? Duck could probably be shot on the last day of his hunting trip and than it would still be fresh when he got home.

The reason why I mentioned that fresh kill idea is because raw meat can actually be dangerous. Veggies mainly lose vitamins and minerals and have a rather long shelf life before the bacteria sets in, yet meat can go bad quickly and the diseases in meat can be quite serious.

Another thing that I was thinking about, Rosemary, is the whole problem with food ever since the industrial era. It just goes to show you how greed can ruin things.

When there were a large number of farms and the available income in the industry was split up between many farmers, the food was sold more locally and was fresher and more healthy. When farmers came out with all this fancy equipment, fewer farmers were needed, the available income was taken up by fewer farmers, putting other farmers out of business, people closed their farms and moved to the cities, children had less work to do and became liabilities, rather than assets, women eventually entered the work force causing the kids to be raised by someone else and if all that isn't already bad enough, than add to that the fact that the food was less fresh, contained more preservatives and was not as healthy, so it affected consumers, not just businesses and also the overall health of the people.

Rosemary said...

I don't have to worry about my dog getting sick from ecoli or such things. Dogs will usually go an bury an fish or meat for days so it will be more tasty. Dogs are carnivores and have a different digestive system than we do. Thier intestines are much shorter in length and food is pushed through very fast. They also have very strong stomach acid that digests bone and other flesh parts like we never could. Most all human poisening comes from e-coli that was mutated in the conditions of factory farms. Even the spinich thing was from runoff from a dairy farm.
The home farm and neighboorhood exchanges of food is a very safe way to eat. When you get into trouble is when you start crowding animals in small spaces and feeding them food not intended for them to eat. Cows are fed grains, which is un-natural food for them and chicken manure and dead animal products. They have to be loaded down with antibiotics because of these stesses, and that is what you eat.
As far as the processed foods having preservitives in them, I wish that was all they had. They are full of exitotoxins which effect the brain and many other parts of the body. MSG and aspertaim are excitotoxens that are in our food supply in large amounts. MSG can have over 30 different names even ones like "natural flavoring" and "spices". I absolutly eat no packaged food and that is one of the major contributing factors of being able to get back my health. Because of chemical and food corporations buying our government servants we have no real recourse on these matters. Just try to fight this battle and you will find out who holds the power over what you eat.
If anyone would like more info on excitotoxins and what they do to your health check out Dr. Blaylock on and I think he is credible as he is one of this countries top neurosurgons.
So nextime you see yourself or neighbor eating like a banshee on burgers and processed food, don't judge too much, just look for the real cause. Politicians with deep pockets and more ambition to stay in office.

Lista said...

Thanks for the Info. and BTW, a lot of bloggers have been pasting You Tube videos right onto their blog pages. Since I'm just as new to this as you are I haven't explored exactly how this is done, yet I see these videos all the time on the blog pages that I visit.

MARYYX said...

Hi Rosemary
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hate to post my backsliding - but feel I need to do that, to be honest. Don't guess I need to go on and on about it. That's probably from a guilty conscience.

Anyways - have a good day