Monday, April 7, 2008

Why is the Moon on my blog page?

Here is a little bit about why I acknowledge the new moon every month. As we have went out of the darkness into light by the grace of Yeshua, so I look at the moon and pray that all my ways can follow that path. When I see that first sliver of the new moon each month I praise Yeshua for His wonderful gift to the World, and to me.

The system of keeping time in the Old Testament was based on the cycles of the moon rather than a solar calendar like we use today. In fact, the Hebrew term for "month," chodesh, means "new [moon]," referring to the new moon that began the month. The lunar cycle played a significant role in the cultural and religious life in ancient Israel so that time could be counted by the cycles of the moon (Ex. 19:1). The New Moon was a festival day, observed by burnt offering and sacrifices as well as banquets (Num 29:6, 1 Sam 20:5, 1 Chron 23:31). The New Moon festival was often listed along with Sabbath as an important religious observance (2 Kings 4:23, Ezek 45:17). Like Sabbath and other rituals, it also came to symbolize empty and self-centered religion when not accompanied by faithfulness to God in other areas (Isa. 1:14, Amos 8:5). Likewise, the middle of the month or the Full Moon was an important marker of the passing of time. Two of Israel’s most important festivals fell in mid-month (Passover, Tabernacles; cf. Psa 81:3).

I hope that all will use this feature for a praise to the Lord.

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Lista said...

This is a very good and interesting entry. Perhaps you should have explained that Yeshua is the original Jewish name for Jesus. Some of your readers may not realize that.

I also noticed that if you can click where it says Lunar Phase, there is some interesting information about Moon Phases. I didn't take the time to read it, but someone is probably going to find that interesting.